• Miss Iowa Scholarship Program

    Official preliminary to Miss America.

Miss Iowa’s Outstanding Teen

MIAOTeen contestants are required to select a platform that has relevance in her community or society at large and about which she deeply cares. She should research this subject and seek out at least one community service project and one not for profit organization with whom she could work to address or make an impact on this issue. She will write a one-page essay about this issue, the reason she chose it, how she has been involved in making an impact on the issue and how this has changed or improved her community. The essay must be typed and will be included in the Judges’ Books.

There will be an 8 minute interview with the contestant standing behind a podium before the panel of judges. There will be 8 minutes of questions from the judges, no opening, no closing. One third of the interview will concern her platform. The judges will evaluate her ability to communicate clearly, express her views, the passion that she uses to discuss her Platform and the things that are important to her. The interview accounts for 30% of the total points. Attire for interview: business suits are prohibited. The contestant should look and dress like a teen.

The talent portion of the competition is the performance of music, drama, art, dance, baton, or acrobatics and is limited to a maximum of ninety (90) seconds. Talent accounts for 35% of the total points.

Physical Fitness in Sportswear
The attire for the physical fitness competition is shorts, school tee shirt and tennis shoes with no show socks. She will perform an aerobic routine during this phase of competition that she will be taught during the Miss Iowa Youth rehearsals at the discretion of the producer. The contestant will be evaluated on how she maintains good physical health. Also, her energy, on-stage personality and expression will be considered. This accounts for 10% of the total points.

Evening Wear
The contestant will model a formal that could be worn to a school dance or party. She will be evaluated on her ability to model the dress, how well the dress suits her personality, not the dress itself. This accounts for 15% of the total points.

On-Stage Question
The contestant will be asked one question. The contestants will be asked to submit three questions that could be asked on stage concerning these topics: teen issues, general knowledge and current events. The Team will select the questions to be put into a container from which the contestant will draw the question she will be asked. She will be evaluated on her ability to answer the questions, her charisma and expression. This accounts for 5% of the total points.

Scholastic Achievement
This phase of competition is in keeping with the mission of Miss America’s Outstanding Teen for scholastic achievement. Each contestant will submit a report card for 7th and 8th graders or send a sealed, official grade transcript for high school students to the Miss Iowa’s Outstanding Teen producer. Internet transcripts are not acceptable. This information along with the judges’ resume will be evaluated by an independent panel of educators and includes not only her grades, but her leadership positions in school and extracurricular activities. This accounts for 5% of the total score.

The contestant with the highest number of total points
in the top 5 ballot shall be named

Miss Iowa’s Outstanding Teen

A Miss Iowa’s Outstanding Teen contestant must be a citizen of the United States, resident of the State of Iowa, between the ages of 13 and 17 years old and no more than junior in High School by June 1 of the year she competes. She must be 13 at the time of her local competition and cannot turn 18 on or before August 31 of the year she competes. At large contestants must be 13 on June 10 of the year she competes. Miss Iowa’s Outstanding Teen Contestants cannot be eligible to compete for Miss Iowa, that is age 17 and a senior in High School.

Miss Iowa’s Outstanding Teen may not compete for or hold any other pageant titles during her year of service.

The contestant named Miss Iowa’s Outstanding Teen will make personal appearances as arranged by the Miss Iowa Outstanding Teen Program staff throughout her year of service. She will also move forward to the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen competition to be held in Orlando, Florida in August and will attend Miss America in Atlantic City in January.