Meet Miss Iowa

  Name: Chelsea Dubczak

Drake University, Bachelor of Music

Platform Issue: Ladies Who Lift

Scholastic/Career Ambition:
  • Doctorate of Music in Vocal Performance
  • Professional Vocalist
  • Certified Master Trainer, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
  • CrossFit Level III Coach

Talent: Operatic Vocal- "Sempre Libera"

Age: 23

Urbandale, IA


Since graduating with a Bachelor's Degree, Chelsea's passion for fitness continues to blossom, along with my determination to assist people in their wellness journeys. "Ladies Who Lift" is a movement she developed, designed to inspire women to change the focus from 'what my body looks like' to 'what my body is capable of through the power of strength training. In a world that hyper sexualizes women in the media, girls are constantly shown that success, as a woman, comes from subservience and fragility. Likewise, boys see that success comes from dominance, power, and aggression. Ladies Who Lift is a community of people that supports the physical strength of a woman, which ultimately leads to increased mental and emotional strength.

She has worked one-on-one with over 100 individuals during the last year to instill a positive relationship with their bodies. These individuals include friends she had known, as well as people she have never met, ages ranging from 12-66 years old. In an effort to inspire a greater community of people, she created "Weekend Workouts with Miss Metro": a free, outdoor workout taking place at a different Des Moines Metro park each week, with an open invitation to anyone who wants to participate. This event has successfully connected strangers, with vast differences in abilities, to join support one another in pursuing their strongest selves. Each week has welcomed a new friend, and the sense of community working towards a common goal continues to grow. 

To learn more about Chelsea or the Miss Iowa Scholarship Program, visit www.missiowa.com. To Book Chelsea for an appearance, email businessmanager@missiowa.com.

Instagram: @cdubczak
: @cdubczak
Facebook: Chelsea Dubczak - Miss Metro 2017
Miss Iowa