Meet Miss Iowa

Photos courtesy of SAY UNCLE! Photography
  Name: Taylor Wiebers

University of Iowa

Career ambition:
Found and Operate a Pediatric Cancer Non-Profit Organization

Kicking it to Kids Cancer

Musical Theatre Vocal "Don't Rain On My Parade"

Age: 21

Clinton, IA

About Taylor ...

Taylor attends the University of Iowa and is on the Dean's List; a National Honors Society member; AP student; a recipient of Drake University's Presidential Scholarship and Drake's Highest Musical Theatre Scholarship.

Through the Miss America Competition Taylor has had the opportunity to not only perform but also share her passions with others. Personally, spreading the importance of community service is the most important reason to participate in the Miss America Competition. Taylor believes The Miss America Organization gives her an outlet to reach more people with her platform than she could ever do by herself. Not only does the program provide support with the platform, it also provides financial support for her education. Being a first generation college student in today’s economy is a struggle, but through this program she has received scholarships that make it easier to pay for college.

A solid family foundation has shaped her into the big sister she has become, giving her the knowledge and assurance needed to teach her younger brother and sister that with confidence and determination anything is possible. With the support of her family and friends, she knows her dreams and goals will forever be met, allowing her to pave the road for her siblings to follow and fulfill their dreams.

Taylor looks forward to traveling the state of Iowa and promoting the Miss Iowa Scholarship Program, Children's Miracle Network, and her personal platform Kicking It to Kids Cancer.  Through her platform, Taylor has raised over $5,000 in the last three years for childhood cancer research.  As Miss Iowa, she will have the opportunity to become involved with childhood cancer organizations on a grand scale..

Other interesting facts about Taylor is that she is double jointed; shaved her head in support of cancer research; has been in the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Parade; can make balloon animals; is a musical theatre junkie; is learning to speak Swahili and has a belay card.  Wow!

Taylor is the daughter of Robert and Shannon Nielsen and Ryan Wiebers, Clinton, Iowa.

Miss Iowa