Our Scholarships and Mission Statement

The Miss Iowa Scholarship Program's mission is to provide scholarship awards within a competitive system designed to enhance educational and career opportunities for young women.  While encouraging young women to serve as positive role models through service and personal development, the Miss Iowa Scholarship Program provides exposure to experiences that personal confidence, showcase talents, and serve the community.

EDUCATION is our goal!

The Miss Iowa Scholarship Program is a non-profit organization solely dependent on grants and contributions from businesses, organizations, individuals, and special event fundraisers, to support the scholarship awards and operation expenses of the Miss Iowa program. Your contributions play a vital role as we continue to offer college scholarships to some of the most outstanding young women of Iowa. Thank YOU for contributing to our success.

2014 MISS IOWA Scholarship Awards

Miss Iowa 2014 $10,500 Aly Olson
First Runner-Up $1,900 Stacy Phipps
Second Runner-Up $1,700 Molly McDonnell
Third Runner-Up $1,500 Jessica Baker
Fourth Runner-Up $1,300 Serica Rowley
Finalists (3) $525 Abby Curtis
Brandy Herrington
Taylor Weibers
Madison Lange
Kelley Johnson
Non-Finalists (5) $400 Amanda Manning
Leah Bunkers
Kristina Bell
Kalley Boyce
Emma Sougstad
The Miss America State Community Service Award $1,000 Serica Rowley
The Miss Iowa Community Service Award $1,000 Aly Olson
The Miss America State Academic Award $1,000 Leah Bunkers
SHELDON SITRICK Interview Award $500 Aly Olson
DAVENPORT KIWANIS Non-Finalist Interview Award $500 Kristina Bell
LUCKY LANG Realtor Preliminary Talent Awards, (2 @ $200) $400 Aly Olson / Abby Curtis
LUCKY LANG Realtor Non-Finalist Talent Award $200 Leah Bunkers
JENNIFER NEAL LINTZ Preliminary Lifestyle and Fitness Award $100 Molly McDonnell
MIRACLE MAKER Award from Children’s Miracle Network Trophy Aly Olson
DUKE OF EDINBURGH Award Recognition Serica Rowley
PEOPLE'S CHOICE Award Recognition Kalley Boyce


Miss Iowa’s Outstanding Teen $1,000 Anna Masengarb
First Runner-Up $300 Kennedy Voss
Second Runner-Up $250 Nina Yu
Third Runner-Up $200 Kilie Akers
Fourth Runner-Up $150 Paige Siegworth
Preliminary Talent (2 @ $50) $100 Nina Yu
Kilie Akers
Preliminary Fitness (2 @ $50) $100 Kennedy Voss
Anna Masengarb
Pauli Mayfield Interview Award $125 Anna Masengarb
Academic Excellence $50 Nina Yu
Non-Finalist Talent Award $50 Sophia Aguirre
Non-Finalist Interview Award $100 Sophia Aguirre
Non-Finalists $50 Dayka Jaeger
Haley Strueker
Morgan Pratkelis
Sara Bubbers
Alexis Schroeder
Sophia Aguirre
Locals Association Applause Award Plaque Alexis Schroeder
Spirit of Miss Iowa Teen Plaque Haley Strueker
People's Choice Award Recognition Paige Siegworth
Miss Iowa